Zubrowka Bison Grass - 750ml



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From Polish kings to herds of bison, from primeval forests to rare blades of grass, the Zubrowka story has been fascinating people for over 600 years. Our story begins over 600 years ago, deep in the fourteenth century, when Polish alchemists first mastered the art of vodka distillation. The legend grew in the primeval Bialowieza Forest, a remote ancient woodland shrouded in mystery, unchanged for 6,000 years. Under this vast green canopy, blades of aromatic bison grass grew sparsely in secret sunlit glades known only to the roaming herds of European bison and 21 local grass picking families.

The bison grass enchanted all who came across it. It captured the essence of the forest and the imagination of the Polish people.

Crafted with a blade of bison grass in each bottle, ZU is astonishingly smooth, with unparalleled aroma and freshness. Its unique notes of citrus, cut grass, vanilla and coconut offer a spirit certain to impart a distinctive twist to any cocktail.

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